Titanic 2 Ship

Titanic 2 Ship

Would you like to sit on The Titanic 2.O if yes so will have to wait for this golden opportunity.

You must have heard the story of Titanic, which took place in 1912, and is like a wound in the history of the Earth that will be difficult to heal.

How did the Titanic ship, which was built in 1200 days, ultimately sink in 2 hours?

This question will be in everyone’s mind.

But still haven’t found the answer.

Titanic that was unsinkable. it’s mean that who can never drown. April 10, 1912 was the day Titanic sank.

Reached 1985 while searching for its debris. We haven’t found its wreckage for so many years.

Titanic 2 Ship

But now, after 100 years, in April 2012, an American ship company named Blue Star Line started making it.

Titanic 2 Ship

It is being made with a budget of 4,000 crores. This ship will be bigger than the original ship

Its interiors and exteriors will be as close as possible to the original Titanic.

And only necessary changes will be made as per the safety rules of the government. and will be built as close to the old Titanic as possible. Keeping in mind the updated design, it will be a replica of the original Titanic. And it’ll follow the same route as the Titanic It’s being built to pay tribute to the Titanic. it is being said







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